Innovative program combines reading strategies with an equally innovative fold to guide teachers through daily steps. Design: logo, fold, layouts for K, 1, 2
Phonics program with storybooks, lesson cards and teacher handbook.
Design: logos, handbook, lesson cards and templates, storybooks back cover template and come covers. *Also illustrated some storybooks.
Mini lessons for whole-group instruction. Take the existing product (Literacy Footprints) and created a variant to distinguish this as a connected yet stand-alone product.
Designed original as an off shoot of Literacy Footprints, then revamped that for expanded 2nd edition. Design: LF paws into stepping stone/hexagons, design elements and colors to set this apart from Literacy Footprints. Designed templates for other designers and I completed Kindergarten.
Cards to help teachers with prompts for students. Original design.
Book sets that contain a handful of different but related theme stories.
Designed back template for designers, as well as designed a few sets myself.
ABC book and write-on reference cards.
Designed book set, as well as illustrated Odysseus and the Cyclops.
Connections are full designs for insides and cover, with templated back cover design.
Early Nonfiction designed full set and design elements.
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